Laos and Bangkok 2022

Laos and Bangkok

Southeast Asia attracts us a lot. And among the countries of the region, there is one that particularly interested us, Laos. This country without access to the sea has developed less rapidly than its neighbours, Thailand or Vietnam.

It's probably one of the most authentic countries in the region, and visiting Cambodia was on our list for a long time. We had planned to go there in 2020, but alas the Covid19 pandemic passed by. But in November 2022, it was finally done.

A country with magnificent landscapes crossed by the majestic Mekong and admirable people of kindness and simplicity. A real paradise for all those who want a little escape from the current frenzy of Western life.

We took advantage of the trip to Laos to spend a few days in Bangkok, Thailand, where we visited the magnificent temples and palaces of this megalopolis of more than 10 million inhabitants. But it's not just the monuments that are worth seeing in this city. The many markets, day or night, teeming with life and smells are certainly among the things to see in Bangkok. If the floating market has become a little too touristy for our taste, a boat trip on the many canals is unforgettable, even if it is true that this visit is less romantic than one might think, largely because of the noise of the engines and the speed of these long tail boats.

In Laos, the former capital Luang Prabang is listed as a whole as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the consequences is that there are no traffic lights there. But temples and monasteries on every street corner. A haven of peace, compared to the capital of Thailand.

Vientiane, the current capital of Laos is much livelier than Luang Prabang, but there too we are far from the frenzy of Bangkok.

In Laos too, the markets are essential places.

There are many villages where the country's ethnic minorities have gathered, and visiting these communities is very rewarding.

The Mekong, its many islands and the majestic landscapes of Laos are also essential in this country which has only about 6,000,000 inhabitants.

date of the trip: 11/2022

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