Jordan 2017


The Middle East with its fabulous landscapes and its historical richness has always excited our curiosity. The political situation in the region being what it is, the security on the spot makes one think before embarking on the adventure. Syria, we forget ... Lebanon is on the list, Israel may be for later when an honest solution is found with the Palestinians. So there remains Jordan. Haven of peace and stability in a hostile environment.

We spent ten days in Jordan, on an individual basis with a driver-guide. Our first experience with this formula and the conclusion is that it will not be the last.

Our driver perfectly explained the context of the places we were going to visit and the formula guarantees us a freedom that is sometimes not evident in group trips.

The Greco-Roman ruins, the medieval sites with the forts built by the Crusaders, the shores of the Dead Sea, the Wadi Rum desert without forgetting the enigmatic Petra ... nothing was missing on the list.


date of the trip: 09/2017

Travel agent: SRC

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Jordan, the columns of Jerash
Jordan, the entrance to Petra
Jordan, a view of the Wadi Rum desert