Italy: Seductive Sicily 2022


Sicily, in southern Italy, is an island whose size is not proportional to its cultural wealth.

During this trip made in 2022, we had the opportunity to see ancient Greek temples surprisingly well preserved despite their great age (2600 years) magnificent Roman mosaics of surprising realism and dating from the beginning of our era.

Following the devastating earthquake of 1693, several cities were rebuilt in a Baroque style.

The Norman kings had beautifully decorated palaces and chapels built with a clear Byzantine influence. In short, a cultural heritage of rare beauty.

The landscapes of the island are not left out either. And if we add to that the gastronomic pleasure and the excellence of the local wines, we have all the ingredients for an unforgettable trip.

date of the trip: 05/2022

Travel agent: SRC


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The Temple of Concordia, Agrigento Sicily
a street in Erice, Sicily
the Palatina Chapel of the Royal Palace of Palermo