India is currently a federal country with 28 states and 6 territories. With its 1.5 billion inhabitants, it is the most populous country in the world after China. 

As surprising as it may seem, India is very divisive from the point of view of tourists. I know very few people whom it leaves indifferent. We love it or hate it. 

We adore it for the beauty of its landscapes, the richness of its architecture and the friendliness of its inhabitants. 

We hate the poverty that is visible everywhere, the immense contrast between rich and poor, the dirtiness of its streets and its temperatures in summer. Personally I am in the camp of the lovers. 

If India presents an undeniable tourist interest, it is because the country has a very long and rich history. If it is not really an example of social equality through the ages (but which modern country could boast of a respect for human rights since antiquity ...) it has been able to take advantage of successive invasions, at least at the architectural level. 

From the great monuments of the Muslim period to those of the Mughal period with even some traces left by the Romans, the country is full of wonders. 

India is also famous for its mystical movements and is the birthplace of some of the greatest religions. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism or Sikkhism are among these.